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Car Body Repairs in Colchester

AutoAid Accident Repair are a leading accident repair centre based in Colchester specialising in body repair for any vehicle.

Experienced car bodywork specialists

If your car needs body repairs, restoration or customisation services, contact the specialists at Auto Aid Accident Repair Ltd. We are a well-equipped garage located in Colchester and serving clients across Chelmsford and Ipswich as well. Our specialists have experience in carrying out accident repairs, dent repairs, bumper repairs, panel beating, scratch repairs, resprays and more. Our services are available for cars, light commercial vehicles and motorbikes.

Professional Vehicle Paintwork

We use the highest quality of products on all our vehicles and the biggest area we concentrate on is the preparation, ensuring we spend time sanding the panels down to the finest, smoothest of finishes. Once we have prepared your car for a respray we use top quality laqa then a base coat and finally a premium top coat of metallic paint to finish your vehicle off.  

Total losses to small dents

Those small but niggle little dents can really make a difference to the look of your car. Most of the time they weren't even your fault but yet very annoying! 


Small dent repair is one of our most popular services here at Auto Aid, it's a simple job but can make a huge difference to the finish of your car. Our team has over 15 years experience repairing those small dents in your car, simply call our team today for a quote.

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